Collingwood Nights

Collingwood Nights: Mind Body & Love

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Collingwood Nights
Title: Mind Body & Love

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Collingwood Nights is a melodically-driven band with a formulaic approach on popular progressive rock. Their debut CD, mindbody&love, releasing on April 29th, 2008, is a tale of loss, hope, and failed redemption, following a main character in the final days of life, facing a torrent of emotion and regret. This powerful story adds to the depth of the album's music, melodies, and inspired progressions.

1.1 Soul Sugar
1.2 Cockroaches ; the Spiders
1.3 Fear of Losing Fear
1.4 New Wing
1.5 Ballad of the Misinformed
1.6 Mind, Body ; Love: I. Still Drivin
1.7 Mind, Body ; Love: II. Over It
1.8 Mind, Body ; Love: III. Tell
1.9 Cinnamon
1.10 All Over

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