Relly Coloma

Relly Coloma: Enchanting Philippine Music

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Artist: Relly Coloma

Artist: Relly Coloma
Title: Enchanting Philippine Music

ENCHANTING is the word for the lush tropical sceneries that greet the seasick and opalescent eye coming home from the seas. Enchanting, too, are the Philippine ditties that please and tickle the musical ear. And enchanting still is the keyboard styling and artistry of Relly Coloma as he buoyantly wades through a rippling, fresh water stream of 12 big Philippine hits. The pleasurable thrill of spending your precious moment of enchantment becomes alive like a burgeoning seed beneath the yellowing rice paddies when you hear the ne'er-to-be-forgotten Visayan ditty, 'Lawiswis Kawayan," the sweet and endearing "Ikaw ay Akin," "Ang Tangi kong Pagibig," "Sampaguita" (the national flower), "Guimingaw Ako" and "Ilang-Ilang," the pert and naughty "Arimunding-munding," the regal splendor of "Princesa ng Kumintang," the soul-searching"Irog, nasaan ang pagibig," the brown-skinned beauty and allure of "Dalagang Tabunon, and so forth. All this, and others too, in a musical harvest of deeply moving melodies that get mellower and richer from moment to moment, from season to season, year after year---ENCHANTING PHILIPPINE MUSIC.

1.1 Lawiswis Kawayan
1.2 Ikaw Ay Akin (You Are Mine)
1.3 Ang Tangi Kong Pag-Ibig (My True Love)
1.4 Sampaguita
1.5 Guimingaw Ako (I'm Lonely)
1.6 Ilang - Ilang
1.7 Arimunding-Munding
1.8 Princesa NG Kumintang (Princess of Kumintang)
1.9 Irog, Nasaan Ang Pag-Ibig (Darling, Where Is Your Love)
1.10 Tanging Ligaya (True Happiness)
1.11 Dalagang Tabunon (Barrio Lass)
1.12 Dinggin (Listen)

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