Colton Weatherston

Colton Weatherston: Colton Weatherston

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Artist: Colton Weatherston
Title: Colton Weatherston

'There's a retro vibe to Detroit singer and guitarist Colton Weatherston, whose eponymous debut CD opens with jaunty versions of '20s and '30s tunes 'On the Sunny Side of the Street,' 'All of Me,' 'Ain't She Sweet' and 'Five Foot Two.' Weatherston, who earned his stripes with the Hot Club of Detroit, has a diaphanous voice and alluringly natural phrasing -- he's a Chet Baker fan -- that helps temper the nostalgia...Worth noting, too, is the cameo by Detroit trumpeter hero Marcus Belgrave, who plays a brief but fiery cup-muted solo on 'There Will Never Be Another You' that strikes like a blitzkrieg of bebop melody.' -Mark Stryker, The Detroit Free Press.

1.1 On the Sunny Side of the Street - Colton Weatherston, McHugh, Jimmy
1.2 All of Me - Colton Weatherston, Marks, Gerald
1.3 Ain't She Sweet - Colton Weatherston, Ager, Milton
1.4 Five Foot Two - Colton Weatherston, Henderson, Ray
1.5 Smile - Colton Weatherston, Chaplin, Charles
1.6 False Baiana - Colton Weatherston, Pereira, Geraldo
1.7 There Will Never Be Another You - Colton Weatherston, Warren, Harry
1.8 A Flor E O Espinho - Colton Weatherston, Cavaquinho, Nelson
1.9 All the Things You Are - Colton Weatherston, Kern, Jerome
1.10 Like Someone in Love - Colton Weatherston, Vanheusen, Jimmy
1.11 Autumn Leaves - Colton Weatherston, Kosma, Joseph
1.12 All the Things You Are - Colton Weatherston, Kern, Jerome

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