Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks From Down: Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks from Down

Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks From Down: Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks from Down
Title: Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks from Down
Label: RPM

Two CD collection of 60's female beat, mod, Northern soul and psych from the world's greatest musical melting pot - Australia and New Zealand. This collection is based on the successful RPM Records Dream Babes series which ran for eight volumes, and is a must have addition for all collectors of that series. The accompanying 20 page booklet is bristling with color and excitement to match the tone of the music. With rare photos and great stories, this is a detailed insight into a fascinating adjunct to the 60's Femme Pop genre. The tracks on Come & See Me are taken from a wide range of labels ; from the Aus-NZ branches of the larger companies such as Philips, CBS, EPIC, HMV, Polydor to the successful indies Festival, Impact, Viking, Astor, Sunshine, Zodiac, Allied International, GO, Clarion and more. Yet via this collection mostly released outside Aus-NZ for the first time. All tracks hard to find these days. 11 tracks also released on CD for the first time, with one more previously unreleased altogether. Created and Produced by Aus-NZ music expert Grant Gillanders.

1.1 When You Walk in the Room- Sandy Edmonds
1.2 The Rebel Kind - the Chicks
1.3 Saturday Date -Toni McCann
1.4 He's Ready - the Clevedonaires
1.5 Someone Cares for Me - the Field Twins
1.6 Be My Baby - Joy Lemmon
1.7 Come and See Me - Sandy Edmonds
1.8 No- Toni McCann
1.9 Hard Loving Loser - Gwynn Owen
1.10 See You Sam - April Byron
1.11 What Am I Doing Here with You - the Chicks
1.12 Stranger in My Arms - Lynne Randell
1.13 Let's Take a Stroll with Allison Durbin Ad -Allison Durbin
1.14 Yo Yo - Allison Durbin
1.15 Soul Time - Sandy Edmonds
1.16 Ambush - Maria Dallas
1.17 Bad Reputation - the Executives
1.18 That's When Happiness Began- Gwynn Owen
1.19 You're Messin' Up My Mind- Judy Jacques
1.20 That's a Hoe Down -Lynne Randell
1.21 Working on a Groovy Thing - Allison Durbin
1.22 Hey, Beach Boy - Donna Gaye
1.23 Do You Want to Dance - the Chicks with Peter Posa
1.24 I Am a Ginger Group Girl Ad - Rochelle Vinsen ; the Pleasers
1.25 I Wanna Swim with Him- Rochelle Vinsen
1.26 He's My Boy - Cathy Howe
1.27 Little People - Yvonne Barrett
1.28 You Were Born for Me - the Tunespinners
1.29 Moving in a Circle - the Executives
1.30 Sunshine River- Gemini
1.31 I Think I Just Lost Out - Lynne Pike
1.32 You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies - Fia Karin
1.33 Society's Child- Judy Stone
1.34 You Won't Forget Me - the Chicks
1.35 Heaven Is the Place - Judy Donaldson
1.36 The Proud One - the Newfolk
1.37 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood- Janice Slater
1.38 There's a Scarlet River Running -The Valaria Vengers
1.39 Leave Me Alone -Ronnie and Dougal
1.40 You've Done Your Best - the Tunespinners
1.41 High Flying Bird -Maggie Hammond
1.42 Midnight Bus -Betty McQuade
1.43 Go Laddie - Maggie Hammond
1.44 A Lone Time Comin' - the Chicks
1.45 I'll Forgive You, Then Forget You- Dinah Lee
1.46 Jet Girl Ad- Allison Durbin
1.47 I Have Loved Me a Man (Version 1) - Allison Durbin
1.48 I Can Hear the Picture - Judy Donaldson
1.49 Given Time - Lynne Pike
1.50 Beat the Clock - the Shevelles
1.51 Quiet - Marcie Jones
1.52 I Love How You Love Me - the Fair Sect Plus One
1.53 Come on Down - Dinah Lee
1.54 Clings the Thing Ad - Dinah Lee
1.55 She Would Not Fade- Scra Feat Sheryl Black

Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks From Down: Come & See Me: Dream Babes & Rock Chicks from Down

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