Common Shiner

Common Shiner: So Long

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Artist: Common Shiner

Artist: Common Shiner
Title: So Long

Uncommonly Cool, Common Shiner takes their name from a small, abundant fish found throughout streams and lakes in the Midwest and Northeastern United States. In the same scope, the band writes songs seeking to highlight the beauty found in the common experience. From love and hope, to melancholy and anger, and all the humor in between. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan Common Shiner began with Calvin College friends Morgan Foster and Tim Haig desire to create music that would serve to be both meaningful and fun. After Tim moved to Pittsburgh, other members joined to complete the band. Morgan's acoustic rock is now complete with Andrew Huisjen on electric guitar, Zach Hache on bass, and Vijay Bangalore on drums. It's been a long time in the making, but with these four, the puzzle is complete. At first listen, Common Shiner has a fun acoustic rock sound similar to Barenaked Ladies, but the group adds their own flair and twist with clever songwriting and meaningful lyrics that appeal to a wide range of avid music lovers as well as casual music listeners. Drawing from a wide range of influences, from the lyrical qualities of Death Cab for Cutie or even Bad Religion, the jazziness of Eric Clapton, the easy-goingness of Dave Matthews, to the rock sense of Pearl Jam, Common Shiner has an impeccable way of combining all those elements for a sound that is uniquely familiar. However, the thing that sets Common Shiner apart is the quality and thoughtfulness of the songwriting, encompassing just as many feelings and themes as their music does styles. Everyone who listens to Common Shiner comes away liking something different, and the band wouldn't want it any other way.

1.1 So Long
1.2 Too Late
1.3 Skateboard Lady
1.4 Broken Symphony
1.5 Moment of Truth
1.6 Bookstore Girl
1.7 Beautiful, Dangerous Blue
1.8 Airborn Intro
1.9 Airborn
1.10 Now, Now
1.11 Ring Around the Moon
1.12 I Should Know
1.13 Ash Thursday
1.14 Call from the Glass Globe World
1.15 Rachel's Song
1.16 Love Song for Kira

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