Communion of Saints

Communion of Saints: Messages of Faith

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Product Type: CD

Title: Messages of Faith
Label: CD Baby

In this busy, demanding world largely void of positive spiritual reminders of God's vast love for us, come The Communion of Saints: Messages of Faith. This debut CD... The first of it's kind, offers a unique blend of original contemporary music, the inspired message from ordained clergy and moments of prayer and reflection; all tied to this album's specific theme: Faith. With so many media choices available today, we pray that you'll cherish this experience and that it becomes a near and dear part of your collection.

1.1 Introduction and Opening Prayer - Jay Soto
1.2 Welcome Home - Rea Herrera
1.3 The Many Faces of Faith - FR. Robert Skagen
1.4 Believers - Jay Soto
1.5 Why Do We Need Faith? - FR. Robert Skagen
1.6 Falling Behind You - Rea Herrera
1.7 Faith and the Teachings of Jesus - FR. Robert Skagen
1.8 These Chains - Buzz Kratzenberg
1.9 Reflection/Meditation - Jay Soto
1.10 The Lord's Prayer/Our Father - Michael Wieser
1.11 Conclusion - Jay Soto

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