Community Education

Community Education: South Bronx Sessions

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Artist: Community Education
Title: South Bronx Sessions

Community Education is a worldwide hip-hop, funky soul collective. The members each bring a different perspective to the creative whole. The group started in the late 90's as a college work study and evolved over time into multicultural network of singers, musicians, poets and emcee's. The debut album South Bronx Sessions was recorded in the birth place of hip-hop as an ode to real hip-hop around the world. This album is classic with the wit and charm of one of the earlier De la Soul albums. South Bronx Sessions features artist from NY, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, DC, Tanzania, and Germany. The hooks are catchy and the beats are clever. It's been a long time since an album like South Bronx Sessions was made and Community Education will go down in history as preservers of the hip-hop culture. Prosper Jones, MFA.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Move on
1.3 Something Good
1.4 One Thing
1.5 What We Do, Pt. 1
1.6 Beat Down
1.7 Here We Come
1.8 What We Do, Pt. 2
1.9 If Only
1.10 Times Is Hard
1.11 Gold 'N' Green
1.12 Edge of the World
1.13 Dance with You
1.14 Move Your Body
1.15 F*@K It Up
1.16 Aww M.F
1.17 Outro

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