Company: Holy City

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Artist: Company

Artist: Company
Title: Holy City
Product Type: VINYL LP

A series of serendipitous events allows Exit Stencil to excitedly present you with "Holy City" --- the first full-length album from Charleston, South Carolina's Company. While the full telling of the story would run many pages, for brevity's sake, here is the CliffsNotes version: Catholic grade school friends Brian Hannon (guitar, vocals, songwriter) and Kelly Grant (drums) both end up living in Charleston, SC following their respective stints in college, reconnect, and start playing music together. They play some shows; get introduced to Band of Horses who in turn take them out on tour and to SXSW; while in Austin they meet Matthew Johnson from Fat Possum who agrees to put out their first EP (released January 4th, 2011); they do some more touring, including a stint with Matt Pond PA, and eventually get introduced to us here at Exit Stencil. Holy City illustrates the varied and masterful songwriting abilities of Brian Hannon, with some songs akin to the lo-fi warmth and intimacy produced by the other Carolina in the 1990s. While other songs create gentle, psychedelic-Americana sound collages evoking the likes of Band of Horses or Mojave 3. Consistent throughout the album, however, is the lyrical acumen displayed by Hannon, as he touches on the timeless themes of love, loss, aging, and more. Delivered with cadences and phrasing which at times, is reminiscent of the James Mercer (Shins), but always maintaining an earnestness and authenticity distinctly unique. Holy City chronicles Company from their earliest incarnations, with some songs being performed solely by Hannon (Waiting for Saints to Arrive), to some more recent recordings as a full band. It is with heavy heart that we disclose that drummer Kelly Grant, who was such an integral part to the creation of this record and project, passed away unexpectedly prior to the release of Holy City.

1.1 Moment 0F Silence
1.2 Waiting for Saints to Arrive
1.3 Heaven Is Gone
1.4 Always Bad
1.5 New Tradition
1.6 Ridin' with the Devil
1.7 The Departed
1.8 The Shepherd's Ocean
1.9 Memories of Childhood

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