Con Funk Shun: Spirit of Love (Disco Fever)

Con Funk Shun: Spirit of Love (Disco Fever)
Title: Spirit of Love (Disco Fever)
Label: Universal Japan

Japanese reissue, part of Universal's 'Disco Fever' 2018 campaign for the Japanese market. Spirit Of Love is the sixth album by the musical group Con Funk Shun. It was released in 1980 on the Mercury Records label.

1.1 Got to Be Enough (M. Cooper/F. Pilate)
1.2 By Your Side (F. Pilate)
1.3 Curtain Call (F. Pilate/S. Scarborough)
1.4 Early Morning Sunshine (C. Martin/G. Dewitty/D. Martin)
1.5 Spirit of Love (P. Harrell/S. Scarborough)
1.6 Happy Face (M. Cooper)
1.7 All Up to You (K. Fuller/F. Pilate)
1.8 Juicy (M. Cooper)
1.9 Honey Wild (L. McCall/D. Thomas/L.L. McCall)
1.10 Lovestruck 1980 (M. Cooper/T. Dewayne)

Con Funk Shun: Spirit of Love (Disco Fever)

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