Conching Rosal: Ang Maya

Conching Rosal: Ang Maya
Title: Ang Maya
Label: CD Baby

Presenting the golden voice of one of the Philippines' truly fine artists-Conching Rosal! For her grand audience of grateful listeners on radio and television, the chantress pours her unique taste and artistry into these "Immortal Kundiman" songs which are popular with the Filipino music lovers. She has so many good songs in this album but notably " Ang Maya' by J. Estrella which is the title of the CD also other kundiman hits by Constancio de Guzman and Levi Celerio and other great composers. We bid you welcome to this marvelous collection from the Philippines...featuring the vast musical talent and skill of Conching Rosal...backed by lush full-string arrangements by Leopoldo Silos.

1.1 Ang Maya
1.2 Nasaan Ang Sumpa Mo Sa Akin Ngayon
1.3 Buhat NG Iyong Iwanan
1.4 Habang Nabubuhay
1.5 Huling Awit
1.6 Ang Pipit at Ang Maya
1.7 Hating Gabi
1.8 Magbalik Ka Hirang
1.9 Lulay
1.10 Kung Iibig Ka
1.11 Pasiya NG Langit

Conching Rosal: Ang Maya

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