Conference Call

Conference Call: Seven/Live at Firehouse 12

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Conference Call

Title: Seven/Live at Firehouse 12
Label: Not Two

Gebhard Ullmann - soprano and tenor saxes, bass clarinet Michael Jefry Stevens - piano Joe Fonda - bass George Schuller - drums, toy whistle, percussion. Produced by Conference Call. Recorded live at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT on September 26, 2008. Recorded by Nick Lloyd. Mixed by George Schuller. Mastered by Andrew Fellus, Redbird Studios, NYC on April 4, 2013. Band photo by Doumé & Jos. L. Knaepen (Schuller).

1.1 As I Wait (Joe Fonda) [07:03] Set One
1.2 Poetry in Motion (Michael Jefry Stevens) [09:05] Set One
1.3 29 Shoes (Gebhard Ullmann) [09:29] Set One
1.4 The Path (Joe Fonda) [05:12] Set One
1.5 Bald Eagle (Michael Jefry Stevens) [11:55] Set One
2.1 The Shining Star (Gebhard Ullmann) [09:53] Set Two
2.2 Quirky Waltz (Michael Jefry Stevens) [05:20] Set Two
2.3 A Map Would Help (George Schuller) [12:22] Set Two
2.4 Desert... Bleue... East (Gebhard Ullmann) [07:36] Set Two
2.5 Back to School (George Schuller) [12:00] Set Two

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