Conflict: Standard Issue

Conflict: Standard Issue
Artist: Conflict
Title: Standard Issue

Standard Issue is a sampler of recordings taken from Conflict's extensive catalogue. This release contains 20 tracks digitally re-mastered from the original source exclusively for this project. Presented in a deluxe digipak containing a full lyric and information booklet including unreleased artwork and photographs from the relevant periods. Contains the complete Conflict single 'Live at the Centro Iberico'. Cherry Red. 2007.

1.1 Blind Attack
1.2 1824 Overture
1.3 Great What
1.4 Berkshire Cunt
1.5 The Serenade Is Dead
1.6 Punk Innit
1.7 As Others See Us
1.8 Stop the City
1.9 Neither Is This
1.10 Mighty and Superior
1.11 The Ungovernable Farce
1.12 The Ungovernable Force
1.13 Kings and Punks
1.14 Meat Means Murder
1.15 Exploitation
1.16 Bullshit Broadcast
1.17 Vietnam Serenade
1.18 No Island of Dreams
1.19 Big Hands
1.20 I Ain't Thick (It's Just a Trick)

Conflict: Standard Issue

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