Conjunto Colores

Conjunto Colores: On Another Level

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Artist: Conjunto Colores
Title: On Another Level

Conjunto colores has been the band responsible for making Salsa and Latin JAZZ a known commdity in Colorado. Conjuto Colores has opened for such bands as Tito Puente orquestra, Sonora Poncena, Bob James,Willie Colon, and Ruben Blades Just to name a few. Conjunto Colores has developed a unique of it's own, becoming very much in demand at the local night clubs as well as the many music festival throughout the state. On Another Level/ En Otro Nivel with compositions bt Lino Iglesias, Van Lester, and Johnny Ortiz. Arrangements credit go to Willie Ruiz, John Calloway and Wayne Wallace. This is one of the best productions teams at the present time. Highlights in 'Tambo La Rumba' 'El Centro' 'La Computadora' and 'Seductive Rumba'. This CD will keep you dancing from begining to end.

1.1 Tambo la Rumba
1.2 Computadora
1.3 Esperanza
1.4 Cielo Lloro
1.5 Tal Parece
1.6 Centro
1.7 Es Mejor Ir Ovidando
1.8 Seductive Rumba

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