Connie Evans

Connie Evans: One Nite at Jt's-Live

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Artist: Connie Evans

Artist: Connie Evans
Title: One Nite at Jt's-Live

I\'ve always like to sing songs, even as a little kid. It wasn\'t until my forties, though, that I started writing songs and singing for people ... and a funny thing happened. They liked it! So here I am, embarking on this new adventure in my surprising second life. I\'m writing, singing, and making people happy. Who knew?! I hope you enjoy One Nite at J.T.\'s - LIVE just as much as I did that night. The songs are a mix of old and new, upbeat and slow. Some will make you laugh and some just might make you cry. So if you like a song with lyrics you can sink your teeth into, and piano performances extraordinaire, then this is a CD for you. It\'s simple classic approach doesn\'t try to dazzle you with fancy hi-tech special effects. One Nite at J.T.\'s - LIVE is just good solid music designed to enjoy and uplift. It might make you think about things, or you may just want to sing along. I hope you sing!

1.1 The Blessing
1.2 Write Myself a Letter
1.3 Love at First Sight
1.4 Now We're One
1.5 At Last
1.6 I'll Wait for You
1.7 I Hope You Love Me, Dear!
1.8 Blue Skies
1.9 Count Your Blessings
1.10 Hi Pop
1.11 Makin' Whoopee
1.12 You ; Me ; the Stars
1.13 My Friends
1.14 What a Wonderful World

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