Connie Wollenhaupt

Connie Wollenhaupt: Angel Song

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Artist: Connie Wollenhaupt
Title: Angel Song

Connie Wollenhaupt's music is therapeutic and she has a degree to prove it.Connie received a master's of Nursing with an emphasis on harp use in music therapy. Connie's love of music started at the age of five when she began playing piano. Years of musical training would lead her to the harp, which she plays professionally at various events throughout the Midwest. She is a frequent visitor at many Midwest hospitals and nursing homes, providing therapy for patients through the use of her harp. Connie gives numerous public educational performances, and is in demand as a speaker on such topics as the use of the harp in music therapy, the history of the harp, types of harp music around the world, and the importance of music for relaxation. Connie's debut album, Angel Song, produced by DC Records, was recently released and features songs for relaxation and meditation. The album contains 15 traditional and unique musical selections designed to match a person's resting heart rate. Connie has found this range to be most effective in helping individuals relax and unwind. Such songs as Greensleaves, Pachelbel's Canon in D, Arioso, The Foggy Dew, and Ave Maria will enable Angel Song to appeal to a wide range of individuals.

1.1 Chinese Love Song
1.2 Gymnopedie No. 1
1.3 Quietude
1.4 Pachebel's Canon in D
1.5 Air (From Water Music)
1.6 Greensleeves
1.7 Adagio (Oboe Concerto, Movement II)
1.8 Wild Mountain Thyme
1.9 Largo (From the Four Seasons: Winter)
1.10 Arioso
1.11 The Foggy Dew
1.12 All Through the Night
1.13 Prelude in C
1.14 Ave Maria
1.15 A Tear

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