Conquest of Steel

Conquest of Steel: Conquest of Steel

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Artist: Conquest of Steel
Title: Conquest of Steel

This is the debut album by the UK's finest Heavy Metal Warriors Conquest of Steel. First released back in 2004, to worldwide critical acclaim, this album is a raw, fist in the face to poser/commercial rock and metal. Recorded raw in a bid to capture the essence of the bands awesome live shows, the album offers a step back in time to when an album was 5 guys playing together, head banging and thrashing hard before the advent of sacharine sweet, overdubbed 90's and 00's so-called Metal. A welcome step-back in time. Behold Conquest of Steel!!

1.1 Only the Devil Can Stop Us Now
1.2 Bitch of Steel
1.3 Summoning the Gods (Of War)
1.4 Hard Rockin' Steel
1.5 Metal Witch
1.6 In Victory or Death
1.7 Heavy Metal Poisoning
1.8 Conquest of Steel
1.9 Can't Stop the Metal

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