Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home of Soul: Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home Of Soul / Various

Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home of Soul: Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home Of Soul / Various
Title: Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home Of Soul / Various
Label: Cherry Red

UK three CD collection. In 1970, Blues And Soul magazine founder John Abbey opened a record shop, Contempo Records, in Hanway Street, London, specializing in U. S. imports of soul and funk. In January 1973, Contempo launched as a label to issue black American recordings in the UK, as well as create home-grown equivalents. Between 1973 and 1978, the label issued around 150 singles and several albums, enjoying some mainstream success while catering for all aspects of black music demand, from Funk to the emerging Disco, Northern Soul to bluesy ballads. This 64-track box set is the first-ever retrospective of Contempo Records, which played such a vital role in popularizing this music for much of the 1970s. Curated with the full support of John Abbey, this set is a worthy tribute. Many of these tracks are new to CD, others have long been unavailable. Among the many highlights are some of Contempo's own recordings of legends Major Lance and J. J. Barnes, who were enjoying renewed popularity via the Northern Soul scene. Also included are quality 60s/Northern classics by Bob & Earl, The Incredibles, The Olympics, Tami Lynn, Richard Temple and Bettye Swann; high calibre Soul from established names like Oscar Toney Jr., Fontella Bass, The Exciters, Doris Duke; a bona fide hit in 'Misty Blue' by Dorothy Moore; top flight disco from Crown Heights Affair; and the recorded results of a reunited Sam And Dave. Deluxe 36 page booklet with fully detailed historical notes, which tell the story of how Contempo Records evolved and developed.

1.1 The Right Track - Major Lance
1.2 Every Couple's Not a Pair - Richie Pitts
1.3 Harlem Shuffle - Bob ; Earl
1.4 Everything I Own - Oscar Toney JR
1.5 Kentucky Bluebird (A Message to Martha) - Oscar Toney JR
1.6 Ain't No Soul (Left in These Old Shoes) (Live) - Major Lance
1.7 Judy in Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred ; His Playboy Band
1.8 People - Part One (Vocal) - Freddie MacK's Extravaganza in Sounds
1.9 Young, Willing and Able - Jimmy Thomas
1.10 Living for the City - Ultrafunk
1.11 Do Me Right - the Armada Orchestra
1.12 Across the Tracks (Part 1) - the Masai
1.13 To An Early Grave - J.J. Barnes
1.14 Livin' for Tomorrow - the Exciters
1.15 Reward - Melvin Bliss
1.16 Gimme Little Sign - Major Lance
1.17 Cigarette Ashes - Jimmy Conwell
1.18 Brothers on the Slide - Cymande
1.19 Black Water Gold (Pearl) - African Music Machine
1.20 Sweet F.A. (Funky Al) - Ultrafunk
1.21 Kung Fu Man - Ultrafunk Featuring Mr. Superbad Freddie Mack
1.22 It's the Same Old Song - the Armada Orchestra
1.23 There's Nothing Else to Say Baby - the Incredibles
1.24 It's Hard to Get Back in - Fontella Bass
2.1 Blowing Up My Mind - the Exciters
2.2 Make Me Yours - Bettye Swann
2.3 Grasshopper - Doris Duke
2.4 I Need You More Than Ever - the Montclairs
2.5 Mighty Love Man Pt. 1 - Black Stash
2.6 Don't You Know I Love You - Major Lance
2.7 A Little Bit of Lovin' - Doris Duke
2.8 Cochise - the Armada Orchestra
2.9 Baby Do the Philly Dog - the Olympics
2.10 I'm Gonna Run Away from You - Tami Lynn
2.11 Planting Seeds - Seeds of the Earth
2.12 Theme from Lovejoy - Moses Dillard ; the Lovejoy Orchestra
2.13 Breakaway - Ernie Bush
2.14 Just Can't Do Without Love (A Thousand Faces) - Howeefeel
2.15 Chinese Kung Fu - Banzai
2.16 Feel the Need in Me - the Armada Orchestra
2.17 Sting Your Jaws (Part 1) - Ultrafunk
2.18 Chicken Heads - Oscar Toney JR
2.19 Classical Bump - the Armada Orchestra
2.20 That Beatin' Rhythm - Richard Temple
2.21 Inside America (Part 1) - Juggy Jones
2.22 (Theme from) Lady, Lady, Lady (Are You Crazy for Me) - the Boogie Man Orchestra
3.1 Mr. Superbad - Mr. Superbad ; the Mighty Super Power Band
3.2 It Takes One to Know One -Sir Mack Rice
3.3 Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore
3.4 The Love I Lost (Part 1) - the Armada Orchestra
3.5 Steal Away - Ted Taylor
3.6 Funny How Time Slips Away - Dorothy Moore
3.7 Gotham City Boogie - Ultrafunk
3.8 Dancin' - Crown Heights Affair
3.9 Golden Gate Get Down - Sparky and the Inner Citizens
3.10 Body English - King Floyd
3.11 She's Mine - J.J. Barnes
3.12 For Old Times Sake - Dorothy Moore
3.13 Philly Armada (Part 1) -The Armada Orchestra
3.14 Why Did You Do It - Sam and Dave
3.15 Rice and Beans Theme - Rice and Beans Orchestra
3.16 Jump the Gun - the Mike Conteh Band
3.17 How Long - J.J. Barnes
3.18 We Can Work It Out - Sam and Dave

Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home of Soul: Contempo Story 1973-1977: Original Home Of Soul / Various

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