Continuum: Cover Up

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Artist: Continuum

Artist: Continuum
Title: Cover Up

Cover Up - EP is the debut EP from the Florida Panhandle-based band Continuum. It was independently released on May 31, 2014 while the band was gigging full-time and writing songs for their forthcoming full-length effort. Combining elements of acoustic folk, contemporary pop, indie rock and classical with layers of harmonizing vocals, Cover Up - EP provides a sound exclusive to Continuum yet inclusive to it's audience. Continuum is defined as a connected set of at least two elements, neither of which can be distinguished from the other; with Anthony O'Shae on vocals, Jessica Heit on Violin, Hope Given on guitars and vocals, and Caleb Schossow on percussion, they form a sound which is just that.

1.1 For the Best
1.2 Cover Up
1.3 Lately
1.4 Games
1.5 Around You
1.6 Come Back to Me

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