Contro Trio

Contro Trio: Connection

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Artist: Contro Trio

Artist: Contro Trio
Title: Connection

"Connection" is not only a successful CD: it is also a courageous work in a setting where, in the absence of a harmonic instrument, an effortless search ensues for contacts and relationships which might be difficult to find, but are easy to "hear". These are the musical threads, which can be discovered by listening - carefully and with a discerning ear, to the musical framework with all of it's complexities: they are the threads woven by a new, unexpected trumpeter who is bringing newfound life to the "nouvelle vague" of Italian jazz.

1.1 Autumn in New York
1.2 Leaf
1.3 Annaninna
1.4 So What
1.5 Beautiful Mouth
1.6 Song Tre
1.7 Infinitily
1.8 Secondo Il Duo

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