Conundrum: Thanks for the Grief George Bush

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Artist: Conundrum

Artist: Conundrum
Title: Thanks for the Grief George Bush

On July 4 2008, eight musicians assembled in Centennial Park in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada to present the 'Thanks for the Grief, George Bush' concert, celebrating the upcoming end of a bizarre period in north American, and world history. The message was, 'Let's hope that America never, ever, elects anyone like George Bush as their leader again'. Looks like it worked! Conundrum is essentially a percussion group with a few twists. Conundrum members are: Mike Blackmore - djembe, acoustic guitar, balloon Wulf Von Waldo - saxophone Bruce Dean - electric guitar Bryan Turner - didgeridoo, djembe, other percussion Jim MacDonald - djembe Monica Trapani - congas, wave drum, maracas Zane Jeremiah Gray - djembe kit Al Coleman - bass guitar.

1.1 Enough Already
1.2 And Stay Out
1.3 What Were They Thinking

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