Conver Watts

Conver Watts: EP

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Artist: Conver Watts

Artist: Conver Watts
Title: EP

Five guys, all kinds of guitars and a lot of vocal harmonies for good measure. We formed in late 2002 with a little serendipitous luck and a strong desire to perform our own original material. The band's musical influences come from late 60's British Invasion, early 70's American Classic Rock and a leaner acoustic driven post-modern sound. We thought about calling the band 'Mats Dylan,' but that sounded a little too Nordic, so with a little brainstorming we came up with 'Sugarbobwhokinksuncleneilstonesteensmith' which, in the end, narrowly lost out to Conver Watts. So what have we been doing all this time? Excellent question. Once formed we decided to work up and record five of our favorite original songs at Tom Herbers' (Jayhawks, Low) Third Ear Studios in Minneapolis. With a tremendous amount of help on the drums from Noah Levy (Honeydogs, Five for Fighting) and amazing piano and keyboard contributions from John Ostby (Spymob, N.E.R.D.) we created an e.p. that sounds just like we wanted. In the meantime we have been writing new songs and performing around town as much as possible. What do we sound like, you ask? You tell us.

1.1 Free
1.2 Perfect
1.3 Something
1.4 Consolation Miracles
1.5 Stars to Ground

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