Cool King Chris

Cool King Chris: Mysterious World

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cool King Chris

Artist: Cool King Chris
Title: Mysterious World

'We've had many of our listeners write in to say that you should go with the funny songs...and our listeners are never wrong' said Sheri Lynch. This CD combines the humor of the Cool King Chris on the Bob and Sheri Show and the indie pop sounds of 'Heard it Before' turned up to eleven. Mysterious World places Cool King Chris in the category of a (radio playable) pop Frank Zappa. From the rocking 'Who Do You Hoo Doo' to a pop showboat complete with banjo solo on 'Calling Lady Luck' to the hysterical dance club hit 'Lochness Monster', you will go on a musical road trip with Chris at the wheel. Mysterious World goes places you never thought possible. One thing for sure, you will enjoy the ride.

1.1 Mysterious Intention
1.2 Who Do You Hoo Doo
1.3 Calling Lady Luck
1.4 Kissing Tree
1.5 What to Say
1.6 Bigfoot
1.7 Lochness Monster
1.8 Late Knighted Lament
1.9 Mr. Home
1.10 Area 51
1.11 Apocalyptic Twist
1.12 Mysterious Extension
1.13 High Glass Jingle

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