Copshow: Episode One

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Copshow

Artist: Copshow
Title: Episode One

Elektrolux welcomes a new exciting project from England entitled Cop Show. Pete Stanley from Birmingham and Marcus Fry from Taunton met in a conventional electronic rock band in 1998, Pete as lead vocalist and Marcus as keyboard player. After working together for quite a while they started to think about their own musical directions. At first working on a live electro-pop project, performing with female vocalists. Then, after moving into an altogether more atmospheric mood to suit their own personal influences, Peters' being 70's analogue synth sounds and Marcus, a fascination with electronic/synthetic keyboard sounds, they came up with a highly individual blend of warm, chilling and sometimes sinister melodies and superb incidental vocals, now culminating in their first project release, Cop Show - Episode One. According to Pete Stanley the project mirrors a very personal approach of the duo towards music making: â??For some reason, when I think of certain kinds of images, my imagination creates an atmosphere and then a tune to build on that atmosphere. That helps more images materialize and the music builds up on this. I found that a lot of images that I could focus on easily were those of late 1960's & early 70's design. For instance cars, clothes, news, freaky buildings, films or... cop shows. The beauty of the cop shows e.g. Starsky & Hutch, Kojak etc was that when I was a kid, I'd get these shows regularly and an episode would be full of the images I now find I want to work with. I seem to remember these images and atmospheres with ease. So, a little while back, me and Marcus decided to write tunes based purely on cop show clichés...? Well, in our opinion â??Episode One' is a virtual soundtrack that offers much more and some peoples imaginations will create different images when they hear the music of Cop Show. It's an unique album that covers a wide range of musical influences such as electronia, jazz, filmscores among others. An amazing listening experience that will cause astir on the international music scene!

1.1 Cop Show Theme
1.2 Light Fingers in the Dark
1.3 Play My Game
1.4 The Tide
1.5 Beautiful Witness
1.6 The World Still Spins at Night
1.7 Don't Need No Protection
1.8 Side Walk
1.9 Follow That Car
1.10 Cold Heart Lies
1.11 Motel No Motive
1.12 Dream of Tears
1.13 Cold Heart Dreams
1.14 Roll Credits

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