Coralie Cl Ment

Coralie Cl Ment: Toystore

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Artist: Coralie Cl Ment

Artist: Coralie Cl Ment
Title: Toystore

Coralie Climent, the tri-lingual French pop singer (she records in French, English, and Italian), took a playful approach to her third album, TOYSTORE. Backed by a montage of toy instruments (ukulele, pennywhistle, pocket comet, alto half-violin, slide-flute, Melodica, maracas, shaker, xylophone, baby Farfisa) while singing, "That's the life, that's the life we lead. Sedatives and cafe creme, " on "C'est la vie" in her breathy, enticing voice, the effect is appropriately disconcerting.

1.1 Effet Jokari
1.2 C'est la Vie
1.3 Share the Day
1.4 Baiser Permanent
1.5 Je Ne Sens Plus Ton Amour
1.6 Sono Io
1.7 On Etait Bien
1.8 Houlala
1.9 Reine Des
1.10 Paris Dix Heures Du Soir
1.11 So Long Babylone
1.12 Tu Seras a Moi
1.13 Les Sollicitations

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