Cordell Epps

Cordell Epps: Too Blessed to Be Stressed

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Artist: Cordell Epps

Artist: Cordell Epps
Title: Too Blessed to Be Stressed

I've been doing gospel all my life. Raised in the church God gave me the ministry of music at the age of 12..i play drums,and piano..and i give all glory and honor to my lord Jesus Christ..I'm currently the minister of music at the Mt.Zion Hill Baptist Church where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on! I hope that your spirit is lifted and your mind is freed when listening and praising with me on this blessed!!

1.1 Good Day
1.2 2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed
1.3 Work for God
1.4 That's Luv
1.5 1 Touch
1.6 Grace
1.7 Movin on
1.8 Put My Trust in You
1.9 It's Your Turn
1.10 Walk in the Light
1.11 Keep Runnin (Feat. Von Vargas)
1.12 Give Him Ya Heart
1.13 Bonus
1.14 Bonus
1.15 Bonus

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