Core9: Visions

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Core9

Artist: Core9
Title: Visions

Core9 is bringing musicianship back into mainstream music. No more 'cookie cutter' formula songs. The music of Core9 comes from real people playing real instruments. Described as 'a modern, heavy version of early Rush' Core9's new album Visions will satisfy your craving for great music. Professional production and lots of 'ear candy' went into all twelve tracks creating a musical journey lasting more than 55 minutes. Visions was produced by veteran Seattle producer Paul Speer and has won awards for Best Vocals, Best Drums, Best Production, Best Bass, and Best Lyrics.

1.1 This Rage Is on
1.2 Silence
1.3 Rippin
1.4 For You
1.5 Breathe
1.6 Visions
1.7 Dreamchaser
1.8 Tears of My Soul
1.9 Get Out of My Way
1.10 Hands of Fools
1.11 Flipside
1.12 Paradise

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