Corpo: Alma

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Artist: Corpo

Artist: Corpo
Title: Alma

Few Swedish jazz groups are touring as extensively as Corpo, well known not only in Scandinavia, but also in places as widely apart as France and South Africa. Through the years, this has made the group achieve a very personal expression. A very good example of this is their third CD, Alma, released in 2000, with it's delicate mix of nordic melodics, afro rhythms and athmospheric chords. Eight strong original compositions by three of the band members creates tension and variation, and as stated in the band name and album title: this is music for both body and soul!

1.1 Sent Omsider
1.2 Bells
1.3 Agnes
1.4 Nejd
1.5 Rã¶Da Sten
1.6 Kolya
1.7 Touch
1.8 Sov, Lilla Hannele

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