Corpse: Pentothal

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Artist: Corpse

Artist: Corpse
Title: Pentothal

Corpse is a one-man machine, clutching the bodies who subject themselves to an anesthetic for the mind. A chance to unleash the horror that is kept inside, or let it slowly subside. Corpse started making music as a solo artist in October of 2011, to satisfy his love for music, and everything horror-related. He is originally from Omaha, NE, but currently resides in Des Moines, IA. He produces his own beats, writes his own lyrics, records his own songs, and designs all of his artwork. His unique blend of horror-based beats, along with cut-throat vocals, gives his audience the shock they were needing.

1.1 Pessimistic Itch
1.2 Nightmare
1.3 Hostage
1.4 A Typical Whorror
1.5 Marionette
1.6 In Circles
1.7 Tell Me to Stay
1.8 Prosthetic
1.9 Reclusive
1.10 Dragg
1.11 What I Keep
1.12 Chainwreck

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