Cortés Alexander

Cortés Alexander: Swell

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Artist: Cortés Alexander
Title: Swell

Cortés Alexander is a California native who has played piano from the age of 8. He\'s sung in many vocal groups, most notably \'The Tonics\' who performed at Carnegie Hall & has toured the world as a background vocalist for Liza Minnelli. SWELL is his first solo CD, and it\'s an eclectic melange of originals & covers with an emphasis on lush vocal harmonies & arrangements. Cortés found his producer (McKay Garner) from a guitar playing pal (Kevin Holmes) who introduced them, & after 2 years, & many drum loops later, SWELL was born. Cortés\' music has been described as a cross between Prince, Sinatra, Luther Vandross, Keith Urban, with just that right touch of lounge.

1.1 Every Other Thought
1.2 Marguerite
1.3 Any Day Now
1.4 It's All Right
1.5 The Parade
1.6 Empty Walls
1.7 Last Train to Clarksville
1.8 If I Only Had a Brain
1.9 Roam
1.10 Rise
1.11 Never My Love
1.12 I Couldn't Ask for More
1.13 Pilot Bird
1.14 Love'll Come ; Do Just That
1.15 Was It You?
1.16 Swell

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