Corty Byron

Corty Byron: Endless North

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Corty Byron

Title: Endless North
Label: CD Baby

Corty Byron started his life in music at a very early age. While most of his High School classmates were gearing up for a driver's license, Corty was busy writing songs and trying to figure out Hendrix licks on his guitar. His father, Cortlan Byron Sr. (a veteran musician in his own right) laid the foundation for his son's music growth and can still be seen performing with him today. Byron's self education of classic rock set him apart from many of the younger musicians cropping up around him. By age 16 he had formed a band called, The Green Onions that would quickly become a staple of the central Pennsylvania music scene. Over the next few years, Corty and his band made two full length original albums ("The Green Onions" in 2005 and "Down The Drain" in 2007), sold out four performances of their multi media production, "Dark Side of The Onions: The Music of Pink Floyd", and shared the stage with artists like The Doobie Brothers, Bruce Hornsby, Hot Tuna, Vanilla Fudge, Project Object and the Gin Blossoms...Corty being asked to sit in with half of them. As time passed, Byron's songwriting abilities became more refined, mature and introspective. In the summer of 2009 he booked a session at Sun Studios in Memphis, TN and demoed much of the material that would make up his first solo album, "Endless North" (released April 2010). The songs range from hard hitting 70's style rock to acoustic based Americana. The album flows with delicate precision as Corty weaves his seasoned, soulful voice with refreshing guitar tones, eerie imagery and all out stoner rock, into a sound that is all his own. Byron may have made his mark early on as the brash, young, guitar slinging classic rocker but, with the release of "Endless North" he has successfully transformed himself into one of the most promising artists of the new artist whose career it seems, has just begun.

1.1 Something Opened My Eyes
1.2 I Am
1.3 Leavin' Low
1.4 Mississippi Moon
1.5 Goodbye
1.6 Stuck
1.7 Into Your Heart
1.8 I Will Always Be with You
1.9 Endless North
1.10 Midnight Woman

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