Cosmic Realm

Cosmic Realm: Cosmic Industrial Complex

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Artist: Cosmic Realm

Artist: Cosmic Realm
Title: Cosmic Industrial Complex

Emerging out of the cosmic flux... born of zero-point energy - is a collection of sounds and ancient yet futuristic modes of consciousness to be tapped into. Cosmic Realm is the transport to take you there. The essence of the C.I.C. is the waste from a race of machines that we have AND have not YET created! It's a complex spanning every inhabitable solar system and many galaxies. Cosmic Realm is the brainchild of composer Todd Merrill. Todd has always been trying to reach the outer limits with his music. 'I am a huge fan of spacemusic so I wanted to create an ongoing project where the focus would always be space and the paranormal. I think Cosmic Realm fits that bill.' So enjoy the debut CD by Cosmic Realm and venture into the far and unknown realms of space and time.

1.1 Artifacts of Mars
1.2 Ancient Wasteland
1.3 Silicon Consciousness
1.4 It's Alive!
1.5 Rebuilding the Empire
1.6 Activating the Neuro-Silicon Network
1.7 Central Projection Unit
1.8 Initiating Contact
1.9 Galactic Interchange
1.10 Universal Mind
1.11 Drifting Forever Outward

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