Cosmic Singularity

Cosmic Singularity: First Steps

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Artist: Cosmic Singularity
Title: First Steps

Introducing their new, groundbreaking album 'First Steps' Cosmic Podcasted a sneak preview in April, to an enthusiastic reception from an international audience, as well as attracting positive recognition from the prog rock music press. The music of Cosmic Singularity combines the individual talents of four well-respected prog musicians, from a number of established groups - including Azureth, Stuey Blue, Binary Spirals, PleasureDome, LightSpeed, and Ain't TV - to create a totally new and original, epic sound, although one which will appeal to any fan of each member's distinctive musical style and background. Fronted by Steve McAndrew on vocals and guitar, the band also features Mike Kosacek on drums and engineering, Stephen Rivera on keyboards and Rod Chappell and on bass. 'Cosmic Singularity is a fresh sound on the prog-rock scene. Melodic progressive arrangements are melded to excellent pop sensibilities creating a unique sound that is accessible to both fans of the genre and the uninitiated. Add to that some mighty fine playing and you have the recipe for an outstanding group of musicians... highly recommended!' -- B.V., Ottawa, ON, Canada, owner of BlueBear Studios.

1.1 Aegli
1.2 Time Travels
1.3 Symi II
1.4 Pandora's Countdown
1.5 Indigo Sonata
1.6 Looking Upwards, Looking Downwards PT I
1.7 Looking Upwards, Looking Downwards PT II
1.8 Looking Upwards, Looking Downwards PT III
1.9 Looking Upwards, Looking Downwards PT IV
1.10 Looking Upwards, Looking Downwards PT V
1.11 St. Gorgios

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