Cosmograf: Mind Over Depth

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Artist: Cosmograf

Artist: Cosmograf
Title: Mind Over Depth

2019 release from prog/metal musician Robin Armstrong AKA Cosmograf. Everything going on in our minds - every thought, feeling, sensation, everything we are aware of - is in fact happening only in our private internal worlds. Our reality is defined by the attention we give to these thoughts and the negative ones can inevitably lead us to feeling out of our depth... Mind Over Depth is characteristically introspective and allegorical like previous Cosmograf albums, but this record is much heavier with influences that draw from modern progressive metal, electronica and classic heavy metal.

1.1 A Million Choices
1.2 Godspeed
1.3 The Smoke and the Flame
1.4 Sharks
1.5 Goodbye to All Illusions

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