Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace: Ventura Threeway

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Coup De Grace

Artist: Coup De Grace
Title: Ventura Threeway

Blistering, head banging hot rod rock. More clean and less knuckleheaded than there debut 'Cosby, Pills and Hash'. This is the kind of music that makes you want to cut the sleeves off your shirt, grow out your hair, light up a joint and work on your Trans Am..... not necessarily in that order. -Panache Magazine October 2004.

1.1 Days of Our Lives
1.2 Makeout King of Montana
1.3 Subourbon
1.4 Mating Rituals of the Upwardly Mobile
1.5 Tragedy Exchange
1.6 Yeah
1.7 The Portugese Have Nice Shoes
1.8 Mommy Tank
1.9 And I'll Wait

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