Courtney Dowe

Courtney Dowe: Accomplice

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Artist: Courtney Dowe

Artist: Courtney Dowe
Title: Accomplice

Each track on Accomplice is an acoustic story poetically phrased and passionately expressed. The title track 'Accomplice' is a deeply reflective battle cry that speaks to the persecution of Chinese Falun Gong practitioners. Seamlessly the album transitions into tracks like 'L.E.O - Love each other', an eloquent Love song that begins 'You were so brave in love and I was afraid to care' - Classic. Then there is the light samba-influenced track 'Dancer Blue' Also lyrically impressive this track has the distinction of boasting warm synths, a punchy bassline and tasteful percussion. The entire album is full of a passion that is reflective of Courtney's commitment to art. Rounded out by the tasteful ear of producer James Collins, keyboard/producer for the group Fertile Ground, Accomplice truly is a timeless collection that will make you fall back in love with music.

1.1 On the Rise
1.2 L.E.O
1.3 Might
1.4 A Song for Sean Bell
1.5 Dancer Blue
1.6 If I Had Wings
1.7 Accomplice
1.8 Serenade
1.9 Yona
1.10 I Do

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