Courtney Vaughn

Courtney Vaughn: Next to You: Radio Mixes

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Artist: Courtney Vaughn

Artist: Courtney Vaughn
Title: Next to You: Radio Mixes

Courtney Vaughn has recorded various projects over the last few years and is now releasing her new single "Next to You." Although she is a successful model in demand in various markets, her first love is in her music. Presented here are seven exclusive radio mixes of the new single that is currently causing quite a buzz in DJ markets across the US.

1.1 Next to You (Main Radio Mix)
1.2 Next to You (Original Radio Mix)
1.3 Next to You (Raffa Vergara Radio Mix)
1.4 Next to You (Absound Radio Remix)
1.5 Next to You (Dio Vs. Bit Error Big Room Radio Mix)
1.6 Next to You (DJ Haji Indonesia Radio Mix)
1.7 Next to You (Bit Error Radio Mix)
1.8 Next to You (DJ Danny D Radio Remix Edit)

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