Cowboy Envy

Cowboy Envy: Real Cowboy Girl

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Artist: Cowboy Envy

Artist: Cowboy Envy
Title: Real Cowboy Girl

And a BIG Howdy-Do, bon jour to all of you out there in cowboy-land. From Wickenburg, AZ, to Des Moines, Iowa... from New York City to the Suwanee River, Cowboy Envy is doing it's part to keep western music from being lost in the shuffle. Ranger Doug, of Riders in the Sky, says this about Cowboy Envy: 'It is an act of art to balance irony, pure silliness, and contemporary sensibility with deep love and obvious respect for tradition. For several years now Cowboy Envy has achieved this magic balance beautifully, adding showmanship, musicianship, and superb original music to this mix as well. They are the freshest thing going in Western music today.' Awards: Western Music Festival: Best Harmony Band Atlanta Magazine: Best Theme Band Best Nostalgia Band Creative Loafing: Critics' Choice For Best Roots/Folk Band Cowboy Envy Ignites The Kennedy Center-again! Cowboy Envy at Kennedy Center January 2007 Reprising their highly successful January 13, 2002 performance, Cowboy Envy returned to the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage on January 13, 2007 to delight the DC audience with their unique brand of Western Music from the '30s and '40s. Visit Cowboy Envy's Artist Page at Play this Performance (Requires Real Player)

1.1 Back in the Saddle Again
1.2 Real Cowboy Girl
1.3 Cool Water
1.4 Bunkhouse Bugle Boy
1.5 Tumbling Tumbleweeds
1.6 Come and Get It
1.7 Harmony the Cowgirl Way
1.8 Home on the Range
1.9 Ragtime Cowboy Joe
1.10 One More Ride
1.11 Cowboy Jubilee
1.12 High Ridin' Woman
1.13 Don't Fence Me in
1.14 Cowboy Envy
1.15 The Ballad of Jonathan Spain
1.16 Born to Be Branded
1.17 Happy Trails

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