Cowboy Hat & Fuzzbox Voodoo: History of the American West and Other Stories

Cowboy Hat & Fuzzbox Voodoo: History of the American West and Other Stories
Title: History of the American West and Other Stories
Label: CD Baby

A History of The American West and Other Stories. Reverbnation Crowd Reviews WYATT EARP AND THE GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORALL: Defiantly unique. This track is really different. The guitars on it are incredible. The singers voice is really different. ...the instrumentation is perfect. High quality production work... telling a story to music is a very different idea. Drums amazing. The lyrics are really cool . Captivated me with it's story, and screeching guitars. Intense.... I haven't heard many songs like this, but would like to hear more. It would be pretty awesome to hear other bands perform a few songs like this. This song is like a story and it's totally cool! The song is very country, yet speaking through the story is unlike anything out there. One of a kind. I love the voice! . Intense. A unique song. I haven't heard many songs like this, but would like to hear more. This is definitely different to a lot of music . GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER'S LAST STAND Lyrics phenomenal...instrumentation perfect .. pure genius. The production is excellent. Fits the realm of traditional but modern folk . Cool. Enjoyable, country song. I liked the tone of the artist's voice. Nice history lesson. American history theme. Love it. I wish their were hundreds more songs like it. Deep. The music supports the context very well . I can see you're influenced by Johnny Cash. Dramatic opening. The diction of the vocals is good. Quality is great. A different way of learning American history. Should go down well. . The singers voice and the drums are cool. I like this song. Strange but unique sound to it. THOMAS JEFFERSON AND THE AMERICAN DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE "An immediately punchy sounding track, upbeat and full of energy and enthusiasm. The music has character right from the onset and the overdriven electric guitar riff in the mix adds substance. The drums, bass and guitars excellent. I could listen to this all day long. "I have never heard a history lesson set to a wicked guitar riff. This song should be played in every American history classroom in America. The voice delivering the message is awesome, confident and eerily mesmerizing, paired with the cool guitar makes the production on this track great. Melody strong...lyrics different. Great track. Unique song. An awe-inspiring performance...epic. Cool..deep..edgy and raw. This will last a long time. I find the historical context overlaying the rock music quite amazing. DANIEL BOONE This is a classic already.....Great for radio....Cool voice...Sort of Country...Sort of Country Rock....Blues/funk music at it's best. ...Well recorded and produced. Technical perfection...Unique...definitely something different. I was hanging on every word as I was taken on a journey.. It's also witty. Unique and impressive. Captivating. Lyrics original. Strong guitar work. Effective. I think it's a good example of story driven rock and roll, not something seen too much these days. Nice job. Accompanying guitar work is perfect. The music in this song really is expressive. It has so much depth. Lots of tantalizing instrument parts. A well shaped arangement. The lyrics to this are intense and deep, appealing and with substance. A performance here that is intense. Stunning and seductive. The harmony in the voice melted my soul. Sounds like the White Stripes but a much better melody. Overall good music. If you like rock music you will love this. I'm glad you added the piano and the strings. The combination of the authentic blues and the orchestral sound is fantastic. The fiddle on the end was a WONDERFUL touch!!!" Track 6 THE BIRTH OF CALIFORNIA This piece had a magnificent, unique subtlety. The composition delivers deliciously; the message is beautifully penetrating. I like the way the repetition intensifies it's acoustic lyricism. It was upbeat and contemplative, masterfully compelling. Well produced and recorded. Words are great, informative story. Good for radio. Raw energy... Timeless storytelling! Nice job! Wouldn't usually be my sort of thing (I don't particularly like folk music!) but I do like this! Like the vocalists deep, clear voice. Energetic, vibrant and engaging. Could be a radio standard on the rock or country stations. Vocal performance has great poise. I like the storytelling style vocals that bulldozes through this song. I love the lyrics makes me want to nod my head and dance. I love the songs harmony and melody because they blend so well. I wish this artist the best in his career. I want to see more from him in the future. Unique. THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN Immediately engaging. An anthem. Intelligent and impressive. I like how the vocals are borderline spoken and borderline sung. Cool voice dude Rock classic. This song starts off at an impressive level. Unique, unique, unique feel. Well produced.. will go places. Brilliant guitar riffs. The drums are very cool so too the slide guitar. Tonal quality of the vocalist is quite contagious. Does a great job giving us a history of American civilization. .""The commercial potential of the song is great." I predict success for this act." "This song is clever. It is a song about history which makes it interesting. I do not know what genre this song would fit into. The song is smart. The lyrics were fantastic in this song. THE ALAMO AND THE BATTLE FOR TEXAS The performance is amazing. The audio mix is perfect. The singer was perfect. A unique quality to his vocal performance. People are going to really love this song. This song is a sure hit. Vocals strong, and so is the song writing ability. The recording is a fine piece of work. Who wouldn't want to hear about the Texan movement for independence? And who wouldn't want to hear it in a song? This is a great piece, that stays true to it's subject matter from start to finish. An outstanding piece of music. Great country song. This song will make the charts. Fantastic country voice that resonates with a Country and Western fan such as myself. Solid folk music. Great subtlety. Unique idea for a song! YEAH I LOVE THE SOUTH A Hymn, with electric guitars. " Sweet little guitar riffs added a lot without overpowering. The lyrics were great. Solos were tight & concise. The production was perfect on this. Charming song. Has much potential to market. I'd listen to it. Timeless and soulful authenticity. Lyrics breathtakingly inventive,intense and unique. Make more songs like this! A Southern Anthem. A proper country song! A theme tune for the South Great folk song. Great Baritone voice...Pure Country....original...catchy....lyrics original....production good This track has captured the heart and soul necessary for good country music. He is going to make it in the country music industry. A perfect country song. Lyrics has style. Radio hit! THESE MEN DREAMED AMERICA Instrumentation fantastic Baritone voice very effective. I really like the songs intensity and ballad style. Captivating. Anthemic. In awe of the singers range. Love the voice. "An inspirational and moving song. I must say, when the vocalist came on, it blew me away. He has an extremely low voice that blended well with the arrangement perfectly. This is very unique. Strange but interesting song. Songs like this never die. Dramatic..Impressive..The vocalist has an amazing rich deep baritone voice in quality. It was unique Strong voice & superb vocal range. Lyrics are very original.

1.1 Welcome to the Show
1.2 Wyatt Earp and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
1.3 George Armstong Custer's Last Stand
1.4 The Alamo and the Battle for Texas
1.5 Yeah I Love the South
1.6 Daniel Boone Pioneer of the Wilderness
1.7 The Birth of California
1.8 Thomas Jefferson and the American Declaration of Independence
1.9 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
1.10 The Cherokee Trail of Tears
1.11 These Men Dreamed America

Cowboy Hat & Fuzzbox Voodoo: History of the American West and Other Stories

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