Cowlicks: Hey Hey We're the Cowlicks

Cowlicks: Hey Hey We&
Title: Hey Hey We're the Cowlicks
Label: CD Baby

'Holy cow, man! How come The Cowlicks aren't famous? 'Hey Hey We're The Cowlicks' is the finest Americana recording to come out of the SF/Bay Area music scene in a long, long time. No Monkee business here, just lots of great singing, writing, twanging guitars and sweet emotion. Go and watch them sing and play!' Larry Carlin, Carltone's Corner The Cowlicks have always been good, but their new CD, 'Hey Hey We're the Cowlicks' is even more gooder. The Core group of Todd Novak, Mike Anderson and Dan Newitt along with special guests have realy gelled into something that could only be described as great! I highly recomend this for the Alternative Country fan...5 Moo's Oscar Hox KFJC Radio 89.7, Foothill College, CA The best one yet! Two great covers, along with 10 wonderful original tunes. All top notch songs. Jon Berke KALX Radio 90.7, Berkeley CA Bootliquor gives The Cowlicks Hey Hey We're The Cowlicks a warmly intoxicated four empty whiskey bottles out of 4 rating Roy at Bootliquor Internet radio The new CD 'Hey Hey We're The Cowlicks' just blows me away! One great song after the other, and these guys have once again taken things to the next level. Such a keeper. Love these guys! Wesley Robertson KVMR Radio 89.5 Nevada City, CA AMAZING NEW CD! I just picked up my copy and I really love it! THE COWLICKS are one of those bands that simply can't be defined by the limits of any single musical genre - they do it all; hard-core country classics, blistering classic rock covers in a country-rock style, banjo pickin' bluegrass numbers, and foot stompin', beer drinkin', laugh out load alt-country tunes. Shelby Ash/Shelby Ash presents/The Music Store S.F. Keep on lickin' fellers, What a great CD..Fun Lyrics and as always HOT pickin' ! Cow-abunga indeed.. Unkle Sherman KPIG Radio 107.5 Freedom CA The Cowlicks are a perfect example of the crazy, wonderful things that can happen when you put guys and guitars together. Their latest release, Hey Hey We're the Cowlicks is a rockin' good country road trip, with Ralph Stanley, Jimi Hendrix and Aerosmith along for the ride, backed by a soundtrack of original, twangy, dastardly clever tunes. Have a Cow! Chuck Poling/ California Bluegrass Association Hey Hey Hey we're back again. Todd Novak, Dan Newitt and Mike Anderson are proud to announce the long awaited release of our 3rd album. Hey Hey We're The Cowlicks! Will we get our own tv show? Who Knows? 'Can't resist a track called 'Psychedelic Servive Station by The Cowlicks. They're obviously off their trolleys. Love em' for it! BBC Radio, Trailer Star Lounge New release by the winners of the California Music Award for 'Outstanding Country/Alt. Country Album of 2004' April 2006: Hot off the presses, less than a week from the factory, California DJs are saying: 'I think this is the one that is going to push them into the bigtime. I hope so, they deserve it.' -Peggy O' of KFJC's 'Out Behind The Barn' 'Psychedelic Service Station reminds me why I love these guys! Gram Parsons would be proud!' -Wesley Robertson of KVMR's 'Rockin' and Stompin' More about the Cowlicks and Todd Novak's music: 'This Quintet delivers catchy, countrified gems dripping with slide and mandolin mastery.' 'This isn't just pure countrified roots music: The song writing is so good, and the playing so intense, you think you are hearing a rocker who could be the next Tom Petty.. If Hank Williams and Tom Petty met, got trashed, and ended up jammin', it might have come out like this.' -Brad Kava, San Jose Mercury News 'The Cowlicks take the bull by the horns to corral a spot on the alt. Country music map' -Rick DelVecchio, San Francisco Chronicle 'A sweet slice of Byrds-flavored pie; classic/cosmic California tunefulness.' -Eric Babcock, Catamount Records The Cowlicks debut CD 'CWA'-Cowboys with Attitude' won the California Music Award for 'Outstanding Country/Alt. Country Album of 2004 (formerly the Bammies) beating out five other nominees including Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. The band was voted 'Best of the East Bay 2003 by the East Bay Express who state: 'The Cowlicks ooze twang easily, and are unpretentious to a fault. They can write the catchy hell out of a song.'

1.1 Cow-Abunga
1.2 Jimi Hendrix Owes Me $10
1.3 To Love Somebody
1.4 Store No More
1.5 You're Goin' Nowhere
1.6 The Legend of the Great Manjo
1.7 Talkin' Trash
1.8 Do Anything for You
1.9 Hey Hey We're the Cowlicks
1.10 It's a Long Road
1.11 You Don't Know Me
1.12 Sweet Emotion

Cowlicks: Hey Hey We're the Cowlicks

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