Coyote Kings: Coyote Kings Large Band Extravaganza

Coyote Kings: Coyote Kings Large Band Extravaganza
Title: Coyote Kings Large Band Extravaganza
Label: CD Baby

The aptly titled "Coyote Kings' Large Band Extravaganza!" is one large, loud, Blues-rockin' party! Following their critically acclaimed and widely popular "Feelin' Lucky," this second offering from Coyote Kings leaves no doubt that this pack of yoties is on a roll. With live tracks showing just how much fun a CK show is, a few re-recordings of some Robin Barrett classics, and some brand new (and equally classic) smokers, Coyote Kings have cranked out another great CD of "Rockin' Blues & Bluesy Rock ~ Smokin' Hot!" You want groove? Got it! You want well-crafted, really fun, (and sometimes very amusing) songs? Got 'em! You want big fat meaty grooves? Yep, got 'em! You want scorching guitars? Got them too! This CD is choc full of Bluesrock like you haven't heard in years and these boys mean business when it comes to having fun. They'll rock your socks off and leave you with a great big coyote smile on your face. Barrett, Cook, Johnson, and Dallas have just plain done it again. And with the section work of The Howlin' Horns and very special guests; Kenny "Slammer" Wilson, Professor Pete Crawford, Mark "The Doctor" Brown, John Farey, Greg Miner, and "The Queen Of Blue-eyed Soul" Michelle "Mush" Morgan, Coyote Kings' Large Band Extravaganza! Is well... a large, loud, Blues-rockin' party... oh, and you're invited! Elmo Q Thurnstein.

1.1 Naughty Little Girl [Live]
1.2 Crack the Whip [Live]
1.3 Gimme More Honey
1.4 Train's on Time
1.5 Crazy in My Head
1.6 Don't Be Strange
1.7 Don't Worry
1.8 Black Eyed Voodoo Child
1.9 Get Well Card
1.10 The Swagger
1.11 Love for the Blues
1.12 (You Don't Like) What's Goin' on

Coyote Kings: Coyote Kings Large Band Extravaganza

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