Coz Records: King J Mixtape

Coz Records: King J Mixtape
Title: King J Mixtape
Label: CD Baby

COZ Records is at it again with a brand new release, entitled the King J Mixtape. Executive producer Melani Ismail, wife of Rocket Ismail, has brought the talent of artists from all over the country to participate on the debut of the album. She is joined by the COZ Records production crew, AKA, 'The City', with Daryle 'GoodFella' Good, a D.C. native who fuses go-go and hip-hop tracks that have received the attention of numerous artists, most recently Mr. Cheeks, 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now.' The recent addition to the COZ Records family is 214, a four man R&B group filling the void of B2K but bringing the soul of H-Town and Jagged Edge. COZ Records also has an all-star lineup of independent artists who have already achieved street creditability as well as consistent airplay. These artists hail from their respected regions including Chi-Town's own rap star Brown Lion, Dallas born and bred Ill Harmonics, Bermuda born beauty Ayiesha, Miami's hometown boy, Fire holding it down for the South, Anonymous Who?, the West Coast good boy gone even better, and holding it down for the ATL is Truth. The King J Mixtape is leading the movement for change in the Hip-hop game. Believe it, you'll feel the burn.

1.1 King J Mixtape Intro
1.2 J Rocka Interlude #1
1.3 Coz Anthem
1.4 Swagga
1.5 J Rocka Interlude #2
1.6 Crazy
1.7 J Rocka Interlude #3
1.8 No
1.9 Karma
1.10 J Rocka Interlude #4
1.11 Serenghetti Knock-Knock
1.12 J Rocka Interlude #5
1.13 Lava
1.14 Stay with Me
1.15 Mucho
1.16 Get Ya Mind Right
1.17 J Rocka Interlude #6
1.18 He's Comin

Coz Records: King J Mixtape

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