Crack the Sky

Crack the Sky: The Sale

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Artist: Crack the Sky

Artist: Crack the Sky
Title: The Sale

15 new songs written by Crack the Sky's John Palumbo. All performed, arranged, and recorded by the band, with Joe Macre producing. Many have already become favorites at their live shows including L'Acte de Patriote and American Refugee.

1.1 The Sale: Introduction
1.2 Prelude
1.3 American Refugee
1.4 American Refugee Movement 2
1.5 The Voice of Revolution
1.6 The Voice of Revolution Movement 2
1.7 A Letter Home
1.8 Immigration
1.9 Immigration Movement 2
1.10 A Prayer for the Children
1.11 The Voice of Corporation
1.12 L' Acte de Patriote
1.13 The Kingdom Grows
1.14 The Face of God
1.15 The Sale

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