Craig Boyd

Craig Boyd: Back on Track

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Artist: Craig Boyd

Artist: Craig Boyd
Title: Back on Track

Craig Boyd's BACK On Track Craig Boyd is back with the release of his new smooth jazz CD, Back on Track. Over the years, Craig's musical talent contributed to the success of many Pop, R & B, and Dance recordings in the U.S. and Europe. After working for many years as a composer, arranger, producer, and studio guitarist for name groups and solo artists, Craig took a leave from this line of work to further pursue a second career as an educator of music. Currently, he is the Academic Chair of Music at SUNY Suffolk, Long Island, NY. Craig has teamed up with friend and engineer Paul Bagin, who co-produced and mixed the Back on Track CD. Paul currently works as a producer and engineer for Grammy Award Winning Dave Holland, Pat Martino, Chris Potter, Billy Kilson, and many others. All selections on the CD were placed in the superlative hands of Bob Ludwig to be mastered at Gateway Music. Through family, relationships, friends, and life experiences, Craig became inspired to compose the music for the CD Back on Track, a musical story, which features Craig Boyd as a smooth jazz guitarist. Back on Track is smooth jazz with a new twist of style, uniqueness and originality. Each musical selection expresses trials and tribulations that we can truly associate with our life experiences. I would like to thank the Father in heaven, and my mother and father, Louise and Henry Boyd who are with him, for giving me the guidance and the opportunity to share my talent and love of music with you. Back on Track will undoubtedly stimulate your thoughts and emotions.

1.1 Being Loved
1.2 Since I Met You
1.3 Everywhere But Here
1.4 The Best Is Yet to Come
1.5 Looking at You
1.6 Movin' on
1.7 Finally
1.8 Back on Track
1.9 We're on Our Way
1.10 Sea Breeze
1.11 Weez ; Me
1.12 I'll Never Forget You
1.13 Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

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