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Craig Cassler: Craig Cassler

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Artist: Craig Cassler

Artist: Craig Cassler
Title: Craig Cassler

Craig Cassler's music career is as diverse as the places he has called home. Always a huge music fan, Craig got a later start as a musician. He started writing in college in New York state and began playing guitar shortly after he graduated. After college he lived in New Jersey and Boston, MA where he continued to grow his skills as a soulful writer and performer. Craig finally returned to his laid-back roots of San Diego, CA - landing not too far from where he lived as a young child. Along the way he never stopped living, learning, and most importantly, writing. Taking inspiration from music of different areas of the country and different genres of music he created his first album. Through influences from rock, reggae, folk, pop, Motown and punk, he has expressed himself and his experiences through an eclectic mix of his songs. Craig, who gives great emphasis and power to lyrics, expresses his loves, pains, and experiences in hopes the audience will identify. East coast, west coast or somewhere in the middle, through Craig Cassler's music you get a raw look at who he is both from the mind and heart. Happiest when he has a guitar in his hand or is listening intently to the words of a new song, Craig believes anytime is a good time for good music.

1.1 Never Understood
1.2 My One Conclusion
1.3 Hey Mr. Bartender
1.4 Tonight
1.5 Now You're Gone
1.6 Diaries of An Unlucky Man
1.7 Set Me Free
1.8 Fate
1.9 Help Me Believe
1.10 Masterful Minds
1.11 Hitting the Show

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