Craig Donovan Adams

Craig Donovan Adams: Feel the Love

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Craig Donovan Adams
Title: Feel the Love

Before reading on, listen to all the tracks in Hi-Fi and see if you like what you hear. Quotes are not as honest as your musical ear. 'Feel the Love' is a vibrant and phonically colorful escape into eclectic soul. Craig blends reggae, modern, and classic soul into a streamlined album, which is candy for the ears. With tracks that are both energized and elegant, a full listening session of 'Feel the Love' will not grow tired. 'Once completed it's ready to last, longer than lovin' on the day we pass'... Those are the words used in the song 'Portrait' featured on Craig Donovan Adams' 'Feel the Love'. With his sophmore entry, Craig has created a colorful and detailed audible portrait, that is sure to last. After experimenting with the basics of digital music, Craig stepped into the music industry in 2003 with his self produced album 'Embracing'. His mission then was to publish all his own works step-by-step. Craig openly makes all of his music available to anyone who wants to listen. Excellent tracks and tracks that would never make it in a record industry boardroom, he wanted to publish, so all his works combined would serve as a complete record of him as an artist. Craig's open-hearted and unconcealed nature adds to his charm.

1.1 Ready to Cross
1.2 The Blue Prints
1.3 As Days Fall
1.4 Portrait
1.5 A-Razzmatazz
1.6 Everything's Good
1.7 Closer
1.8 Band's on the Balcony

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