Craig Pomranz

Craig Pomranz: More Than a Seasonal Thing

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Artist: Craig Pomranz

Artist: Craig Pomranz
Title: More Than a Seasonal Thing

'Ever since Vivaldi -- and undoubtedly before -- composers have been inspired by the shifting seasons. Here, Craig Pomranz, acclaimed for his four-octave range and storytelling prowess, takes us on a journey through the calendar with a sterling collection of classics and near-classics gathered from the Great American Songbook, musical theatre and the Grand International Jukebox. They're songs designed to paint a compelling portrait of the changing landscape, and Pomranz finds in them new emotional depths, resonant humor and nuanced meaning, as he proves beyond a doubt his thesis that love is "more than a seasonal thing." It's a performance further enhanced by the beautifully responsive arrangements of musical director Don Rebic and the playing of a coterie of extraordinary studio musicians. So, get ready for a journey through time, certain to stir up memories, tug at heartstrings and give you a heightened appreciation of the ever-changing, ever-surprising seasons of love. - Ron Cohen 'What you have in your hands used to be called a concept album. On it, the rhyming duo Don and Ron - musically gifted Don Rebic and endlessly creative Ron Cohen - and I have planned a brief journey through the calendar in song for you. We had a great time looking through endlessly wonderful material, and found familiar and unfamiliar voices weighing in on the subject. We also captured some musical memories from my shows with Steve Bocchino. And of course for me the real thrill is going into the studio, with Chip Fabrizi, engineer extraordinaire, where we were joined by a group of New York's finest musicians. In every year, in every season, love is either on the horizon, in full bloom or sometimes only a memory. To those of you on the verge, or deep in love's embrace, I raise a glass. For the rest of you, I hope this CD reminds you that love is always a possibility. My wish is that you find love with a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve...or possibly with a shy hello on a rainy Thursday in April, when you aren't even looking.' Craig "exceptional voice...Powerful performance...came deep from his soul...mesmerizing the audience." Music Connection Magazine 'One of New York's most critically-acclaimed saloon singers.' New York Magazine 'His four-octave voice is alternately affecting, powerful, and nuanced; one of the finest instruments in the city.' New York Post 'an aching and disarming earnestness that demands attention, nakedly emotional and artifice-free.' Rob Lester; Talkin' Broadway 'a terrifically rangy and expressive tenor...he simmers & sizzles...a fine example of a performer maximizing the moment..." David Finkle Backstage 'an excellent singer with a clear rangy soft tenor voice that can be totally captivating.' John Hoglund Cabaret Hotline "more than just a pretty voice - Pomranz is stunning." Oleg Kerensky (London - Stage & Television) 'a powerful voice that's lilting and pure.' The Village Voice 'As a performer, he proved himself to be a "triple threat," a "singer for all seasons," if you will, who has clearly earned the glowing reviews he¹s received' Lynn DiMenna 'At the Ritz' 'he can seduce you with his sensitivity to his audience, he has them share with him personally every note, phrase and sound.' Our Town (New York) 'the voice is first rate-flexible and fluent in a wide octave range...a mellifluous sincerity and earnestness that is totally captivating.' Michael Shepherd (New York) 'the Tenor of the Times' GQ Magazine 'the best male singer.' New York Post 'a performance set apart by insistent gentleness which may make it appear that he sings for you.' The News World 'he doesn't just sing them -- he let's fly with an alto-tenor as polished as it is unabashed.' New York Post 'His is a full, rich voice that, tied to his personal sensitivity, engulfs the hearer and embodies the song.' New York Post 'He sings with the kind of inner purity of emotional freedom and control, coupled with the purest of tone. It is truly majestic in meaning and flow.' Daily Challenge 'It is surely a rare and enriching instrument he possesses.' Daily Challenge ...thrillingly theatrical. Wayman Wong NY Daily News.

1.1 Let's Start the New Year Right
1.2 Voiceover
1.3 Winter Wonderland
1.4 It Might As Well Be Spring/Blackberry Winter
1.5 They Say It's Spring
1.6 June Is Bustin' Out All Over/Heat Wave
1.7 Night Song
1.8 Voiceover
1.9 Summer Samba
1.10 Summertime/Lazy Afternoon
1.11 The Summer Knows
1.12 'Tis Autumn
1.13 Les Feuilles Mortes/Autumn Leaves
1.14 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
1.15 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas/After the Holidays
1.16 Auld Lang Syne/Let's Start the New Year Right
1.17 Voiceover
1.18 Forever Didn't Last 'Til Spring
1.19 As Time Goes By

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