Cramer/Jones: Woman Who Forgot Her Sweater

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Artist: Cramer/Jones

Artist: Cramer/Jones
Title: Woman Who Forgot Her Sweater

Modern Western European avant garde.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Prologue - the Call
1.3 If I Come Home She Won't Die
1.4 Signs of Life
1.5 It All Looks Different Now
1.6 Signs of Death
1.7 Sisters' Duet
1.8 Civilization
1.9 The Woman's Husband and Her Sister, Claire
1.10 The Overseer Speaks
1.11 In My Throat
1.12 Why Do You Tell Me All This
1.13 The Woman Sees Husband and Clair
1.14 You Have Seen the Signs
1.15 First Vision of the Queens
1.16 Did You Hear
1.17 Queens' Processional
1.18 Going to Get My Sweater
1.19 Fraternity
1.20 Into the Jungle
1.21 I Am Not Being Given My Due
1.22 Cannot Resist Sabotage
1.23 Desire for Attention
1.24 Weighed and Found Wanting
1.25 Gossips with Fear
1.26 Claire and the Husband on the Veranda
1.27 The Lions Speak
1.28 Quiver Quintet
1.29 The Woman Responds
1.30 The Battle
1.31 The Woman Dances
1.32 The Husband Alone
1.33 Cold
1.34 The Husband Blames
1.35 Claire Responds
1.36 Eulogy

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