Crane: Master Storyteller

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Crane

Artist: Crane
Title: Master Storyteller

A College Park, Georgia native, Crane has put together what will be one of the most talked about collection of songs and stories to ever come from the South. Crane possesses a plethora of styles that reflect every aspect of his unique personality. During the day, Crane is Benny Crane, a strict-disciplinarian and middle school teacher, a suave ladies man whom Crane refers to as his 'Crunk Kent' (i.e. Clark Kent) self. The opposite extreme is Crunk Kent's alter ego Super Crunkman. On his debut solo album, The Master Storyteller (TMS), Crane uses rhyme to convey the life and thinking of Crunk Kent, providing a look into the life of a workingman. The album also delves into the psyche of Super Crunkman, the egotistical lyricist whose performances can liven the toughest crowd. This duality in Crane's personality, mixed with clever production, allows him to reinvent himself on every track much like Missy Elliot and Timbaland. Yet, TMS will maintain it's credibility with the underground, making some compare Crane to the likes of LL Cool J. Combined with rhyme styles and beats as different and aggressive as you will ever hear, Crane is redefining the limits of the Southern hip-hop genre. With this first incredible offering, JudgeMental Entertainment is unleashing perhaps hip-hop's brightest new star. Whether he is spitting rhymes faster than a speeding bullet or inciting his listeners to leap tall buildings in a single bound; Crane has definitely entered the rap game with the power of a locomotive.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Atl
1.3 Do It Baby
1.4 Ooo Wee!
1.5 Menage Scarum
1.6 Hey Ooo! (Marie)
1.7 Candi Yam
1.8 What's Your Name
1.9 Slaw Bois
1.10 You Can't Stop Me
1.11 Supercrunk
1.12 Have Your Cake
1.13 G-A-M-E
1.14 Gumbo
1.15 665 a. D
1.16 Every Time I Look at U
1.17 Call'em Out (Tro)

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