Cranium: Phantasmagoria

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Cranium

Artist: Cranium
Title: Phantasmagoria

This is Cranium's long awaited follow up to 'Pragmatics'. It picks up where that record left off, but with a more refined approach to composition and a clearer, and wider musical direction. This recording was largely done live with minimal edits/overdubs and the integrity of these performances is lovingly preserved without tons of 'Pro Tooling' and other various audio steroids that seem to feature so heavily in today's contemporary rock music. Also features an epic Rush cover as a bonus track that has James Hoover ( Sonic Nation) on alto sax and electronics, and fantastic cover art by Jay Bailey. Released by SNP Records.

1.1 Avalokiteshvara
1.2 Phantasmagoria
1.3 Sunrise in Tora Bora
1.4 Ludovico
1.5 Battlestar Cranialgalactica
1.6 The Atomic Force Microscope
1.7 Five on Four
1.8 In Search of
1.9 The New Siamese Rebellion
1.10 Hella
1.11 Bonus Track: Cygnus X-1

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