Crash Poetry

Crash Poetry: Consciously Bathing

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Artist: Crash Poetry

Artist: Crash Poetry
Title: Consciously Bathing

Genuine sentimental emotion shines through on every track from 'Consciously Bathing' the groups debut album from Wisdom Entertainment. Joseph Roberts and James Roberts have been immersed in music since early childhood. ' Capturing the mood of the song when it was created is a very important element in the music'. Roberts' lyrics rattle with emotional affliction and resolve into a calmness after a storm leading the listener through pitfalls and plateaus of intensity. From the first bright note of the opening song 'Drift' to the reminiscing deprivation of 'Unchain Me', 'Consciously Bathing' is filled with passion, despondency and positive resolution. Crash Poetry is: Joseph Roberts- vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitar and keyboards. James Roberts- vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, keyboards, and bass. Rollin Matthews-bass, and David Jordan-drums.

1.1 Drift
1.2 Consciously Bathing
1.3 Heroin of Love
1.4 River of Madness
1.5 Firecracker
1.6 Habit Junk
1.7 What Earth
1.8 Don't Want to Stop
1.9 Die with You
1.10 Give It Away
1.11 Innocent Diamonds
1.12 Down
1.13 Unchain Me

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